Resources & Informative Reads

The Power of Breath in Regulation

How to harness the incredible power of the breath to regulate your nervous system easily at any time and in any situation that arises!

Simple Guide to Balancing Self Care Practices

Of your emotional, social, physical, and spiritual needs, where are you nourishing yourself and where are you feeling more depleted?

Why We Avoid Relaxing

What happens when you slow down?

Is it easy and natural for you to tune into your quiet, still, inner peace?

Or perhaps it is difficult for you...

How Cacao Supports Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the incredible initiation into birthing life. The superfood cacao is packed with a ton of essential vitamins, minerals, and natural bioactive compounds to help support you on each step of the way on your journey through pregnancy!

Measuring Your HRV on the Apple Watch

The best known way to measure physiological coherence is by looking at our Heart Rate Variance, or HRV.

You can measure your HRV to track your own systems regulatory response to give you a direct experience with how important the power of coherent breathing is.

3 Essential Aspects for Cultivating Calm in Kids

Cultivation of inner peace and stillness helps to allow us to process situations and emotions more effectively, helps us to think more clearly, and show up more fully to life and for those around us in much more present ways. This is the same for children.